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“Chasing Rainbows 2” by Jacquelyn Siklos. Gallery City at Smile Speech

Gallery City at Smile Speech

July 13, 2017. Posted by Admin

Smile Speech is showing its Eglinton Pride by taking part in Gallery City.

The project pairs businesses along the Crosstown Corridor with local artists, featuring their work by putting them on storefronts and foyers along Eglinton Avenue.

For a closer look at the piece we have on display and to learn more about how you can win a piece of art, read our latest blog post

Or better yet, come by and take a look for yourself. 

Fidget Cookies available at our Open House

Last call for our Open House 

June 26, 2017 Posted by Admin

It’s Open House day at Smile Speech. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should come by:

5. The Jays aren’t playing.

4. You can meet a speech therapist and ask some questions.

3. Discovery Toys will be there to show off their cool toys. 

2. It’s a great way to meet people in the neighbourhood

1. Three words - We have snacks.

Drop by anytime between 6:30-8:00pm

Hope to see you there. 

Fun to play, Fun to eat

Jun 15, 2017 Posted by Admin

This is cool.

We present…the Smile Speech Fidget Cookie.

It’s so much fun you won’t want to eat it!

This is just one of the many great things we have lined up for our Open House, which will take place on June 26th from 6:30-8:00pm

RSVP To reserve a spot, and make sure you get a Fidget Cookie.

*A big Thank You to KCNY Treats for making the cookies and providing the treats at our Open House.

Smile Speech is hosting an Open House, June 26th, 2017

You’re invited to our Open House

May 29, 2017 Posted by Admin

We are having an OPEN house at the clinic on June 26th from 6:30-8:00pm! Come and talk to an experienced pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist and ask your questions. Children are welcome and we will have some yummy snacks for you too. Hope to see you there!

Please RSVP by email: info@smilespeech.ca

Discovery Toys. Teach. Play. Inspire

Get Inspired to Play!

June 5, 2017 Posted by Admin

Playing and interacting with your child using age-appropriate toys are the foundation for building strong communication skills. Discovery Toys is a great company that carries quality, educational toys that will inspire you to play and engage with your child.

Discover Toy’s consultant--Carolynn Darrell Cheng is a Child Development Specialist whose passion is to empower parents and children with information and tools for optimal development. She has earned a Masters degree in Child Development and can guide you on what toys will be best for supporting your child’s development in various areas. Carolynn will also be our special guest at our upcoming Open House on June 26 and sharing some of her favourite toys with you.

Contact us to RSVP for the Open House

Measure your child’s speech milestones

Keeping an eye on Speech Skills

May 29, 2017 Posted by Admin

Find out if  your little one’s speech skills are on the right track.

18-month-old are recommended to undergo an enhanced well-baby visit. Where a doctor will assess his or her physical and developmental progress.

Read our blog post to see what the speech milestones. 

Summer Speech Boost at Smile Speech

Come for a Summer Speech Boost!

May 9, 2017 Posted by Admin

This summer, give your child’s speech skills a jumpstart with our Summer Speech Boost program!

Over the course of eight sessions spread over two weeks, the program will give kids a daily dose of speech therapy, delivered in a fun and effective manner. The group therapy format will also give kids a chance to make some friends and interact with our highly experienced therapists. 

Contact Us to set up a FREE 30-minute screening. Space is limited so don’t delay.

Check out our Blog for more details. 


Articulation Junction

April 10, 2017 Posted by Admin

Speech is the result of a complex series of brain and motor functions that turn thoughts into sounds. Professionals call the process ‘articulation’. Children develop their articulation at different rates.

Read our latest blog post to see if the sounds your child is making are age appropriate. 

Check your insurance coverage for 2017

It’s the beginning of 2017

February 3, 2017 Posted by Vivian Yau

Did you know that many extended insurance plans cover speech and language services delivered by a CASLPO registered Speech-Language Pathologist?  If your child is in need of of our services, check to see if you have any coverage so that you can use your benefits wisely for 2017. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our wonderful therapists!

Focus on language and literacy

January 27th is FAMILY LITERACY DAY! 

January 26, 2017 Posted by Vivian Yau

Family Literacy Day occurs every year on January 27th.  It is a day to focus on engaging in literacy activities together with your family.  Why not read a story book together with your children and then everyone pretends to be one of the characters? Here is our latest video which showcases our Language and Literacy class for 2-3 year olds.  The next series runs from Sunday, March 12th to April 16th in the morning.  The cost for 6 classes is $168+HST.  You can try out a FREE CLASS on Sunday, March 5th.  Please contact us to register. Class sizes are kept small, so register early.

New recommendations for screentime for children

Hot topic: Latest screen time recommendations for children 

December 1, 2016 Posted by Vivian Yau

The American Academic of Pediatrics has recently updated their “No screens for under 2”  recommendation.  Read our blog post written by Smile Speech Therapy’s own Communicative Disorders Assistant, Christina Boni on how to manage screen time for young children as well as how it relates to communication development.

Weekend language and literacy classes now available

WEEKEND Language and Literacy class now available

November 2, 2016 Posted by Vivian Yau

Many of you have expressed an interest in a weekend time for the parent and child classes focusing on Language and Literacy.  I am excited to announce that we will be running the classes on Sunday mornings starting in January 2017!

Each class with be 50 minutes long and will focus on building vocabulary as well as early literacy skills such as rhyming, letter recognition, phonological awareness skills, etc.  You will also learn strategies on how to focus on these same skills at home with your child to give him/her a leg-up with learning to read. The class is ideal for 2 and 3 year old children.

Class programming and consultation by Vivian Yau—Speech-Language Pathologist and Clinical Director of Smile Speech Therapy.  The classes are run by our enthusiastic and qualified Communicative Disorders Assistant—Christina Boni.

Contact us to register.
Try our language and literacy class for free

FREE Trial of our new Language and Literacy class!

October 7, 2016 Posted by Vivian Yau

Come join us on Tuesday, October 18th or Thursday, October 20th from 10:10am to 11:00am for a FREE trial of our new Language and Literacy Parent and Child class.  There is absolutely no commitment to sign up for additional classes.

This class is for 2 and 3 year olds to help them develop a love for learning to read and to build on the foundational language skills which are vital to becoming proficient readers. The trial class will be run by a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist with 14 years of experience as well as an enthusiastic Communicative Disorders Assistant.

Please email or call us ASAP to register for a spot in the FREE trial class.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact us to register for a spot in the free class.
New program announced: Language and Literacy classes at Smile Speech

NEW AND STARTING SOON!!! Parent and Child classes for 2 and 3 year olds

October 1, 2016 Posted by Vivian Yau

Are you looking for a structured, interactive, and fun class for your child?  This November, we will be offering a series of 6 Parent and Child classes focusing on Language and Literacy. Each 50-minute class will be filled with creative activities based on a vocabulary theme and a favourite children’s book. Would your child enjoy reading a book about zoo animals escaping from the zoo and then helping find all these animals?  Follow that up with making a lion mask and a fun zoo animal song and your child will have been exposed to an amazing amount of language and literacy in a short period of time.  These classes are suitable for any child whether they have or do not have a speech/language delay.  Class programming and consultation by Vivian Yau—Speech-Language Pathologist and Clinical Director of Smile Speech Therapy.  The classes are run by an enthusiastic and qualified Communicative Disoders Assistant. Spaces are limited so please register early!

Contact us to register.
Welcome Kate to the Smile Speech team

We are growing again!

Sept. 7, 2016 Posted by Vivian Yau

Meet the newest Speech-Language Pathologist to join our Smile Speech Therapy team—Kate Araniyasundaran.  She recently worked at Thames Valley Children’s Treatment Centre in London, Ontario where she assessed and treated many preschool and school-aged children with a variety of communciation disorders.  She is looking forward to providing meaningful speech and language services to families back in her hometown of Toronto.

Click here to read more about Kate.
Come join our team at Smile Speech

Come join our team!

Sept. 7, 2016 Posted by Vivian Yau

Are you a dedicated and experienced Speech-Language Pathologist or Communicative Disorders Assistant who wants to make a difference in children’s lives?  We are looking for additional therapists to join our team to provide in-home or in-clinic services to children in Toronto and area.  If you are enthusiastic, creative, and knowledgeable and you enjoy the flexibility of making your own schedule, contact us to discuss work opportunities at Smile Speech Therapy. I look forward to hearing from you!

Click here to contact us.
Using more than words to communicate

Speaking in Pictures

August 20, 2016 Posted by Vivian Yau, Stephanie DeCiantis

Have you ever heard the term AAC before? It stands for Alternative and Augmentative Communication and it refers to any method of supporting someone's ability to communicate with others. A few examples are: a book with pictures, an iPad application, or a dedicated device with a voice output function.

A child who has significant difficulty with his or her pronunciation skills or who may be non-verbal for other reasons may benefit from the support of an AAC system...

Read more.
Developing communicaton skills for babies and toddlers

Guest Blog Post for Mommy Connections on developing communication skills in babies and toddlers

August 20, 2016 Posted by Vivian Yau

This summer, I had the privilege of speaking to a group of new moms at a great program called Mommy Connections. Each week, moms gather to learn about a new topic relevant to young children such as sleep, feeding, and of course speech and language development. Click below to read my post on their blog about how to focus on communication skills even at such a young age.

Click here to read guest blog post.
Smile Speech now offering multi-lingual therapy

We are now offering speech and language therapy in Portuguese

July 25, 2016 Posted by Vivian Yau

Our team at Smile Speech Therapy has grown again to help meet your needs.  We are happy to introduce our newest therapist—Amanda Pires. She comes to us with a varied background delivering speech-language therapy in Portugese to children, adults with Acquired Brain Injury, as well as ABA therapy to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Click here to read all about Amanda.
Check out Smile Speech’s new youtube channel

Smile Speech Therapy YouTube Channel

July 15, 2016 Posted by Vivian Yau

Here’s a short welcome video on our new Smile Speech Therapy YouTube channel that I want to share with you.Click here to view. Hope you enjoy learning a bit about our wonderful practice and seeing the speech clinic!

Teeball and Sequencing Activities

Teeball and Sequencing Activities

May 24, 2016 Posted by Vivian Yau

The sun is starting to come out these days in Toronto finally! I'm at the park watching my boys get ready for the upcoming tee-ball season. They run from first base to second base to third base and then to home and I keep on thinking about the sequencing activities I've been doing recently with some of the kids in speech and language therapy...


Our Smile Speech teamis growing

Our team at Smile Speech Therapy is growing!

May 9, 2016   Keywords: staff, new staff, about us

We are excited to add more excellent clinicians to our team providing speech and language services to children in Toronto and surrounding areas.  Meet our newest staff members by reading their bios and learning about their skills and experience in the “about us” section   We look forward to meeting you in person and would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you have about your child’s speech and language development!

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