Understanding Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Aug. 28, 2017. Contributed by Vivian Yau

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is a severe speech disorder where a child’s ability to “program” and “plan” their movements for speech is significantly affected. These type of difficulties can signficantly affect how easy it is for others to understand what your child is saying.

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fall checkup therapy child

Time for a Fall Communication Checkup

Aug 27, Contributed by Vivian Yau

September is coming soon. Is your four- year-old's pronunciation skills up to par for his/her age?

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“Chasing Rainbows” with Smile Speech 

July 13, 2017. Contributed by Admin
Chasing Rainbows 2, featured at Smile Speech Therapy
‘Chasing Rainbows 2’ by Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos

This piece is called “Chasing Rainbows 2”. It is the work of Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos, a Toronto artist and graphic designer. It is also on display right now in the front foyer of our clinic. The painting found its way into our building through Gallery City, a project Smile Speech is proud to be a part of. 

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Come by and say Hello!

June 15, 2017 Contributed by Admin

Smile Speech Therapy is hosting an Open House on Saturday, June 26.

This is a great opportunity to speak with an experienced Speech and Language Pathologist and ask some questions. Kids are welcome and they can explore our clinic space. It will also be a great time to socialize and chat with fellow parents.

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18-Months: An Exciting & Important Age For Toddlers

May 29, 2017 Contributed by Admin

It’s no secret that kids grow up fast, but they grow up REALLY fast between the ages of one to two. That’s the time when a child transitions from infant to toddler, and it is a period of rapid physical and developmental growth.

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Keeping Speech Skills Sharp Over the Summer

May 9, Contributed by Admin

Summer is time for kids to have fun, recharge and enjoy the few months of hot weather Canada provides us. But more and more, studies have shown that summer is an opportunity-rich window for children to maintain and grow their knowledge and skills. 

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Let’s Take a Closer Look at Articulation: Articulation Disorders and Articulation Therapy

Articulation is a term that professionals in the field often use to describe an individual's speech. It includes the totality of motor processes that are involved in the planning and execution of sequences of overlapping gestures that result in speech. Sounds are learned at different ages depending on how difficult they are to say. How do you determine whether or not your child is producing an age appropriate articulation error? 

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Screen Time and How It Relates to Communication Development

December 1, 2016 Contributed by Christina Boni

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently updated and revised its guidelines for children and adolescents revealing information on screen time and how it relates to communication development. 

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Speaking in Pictures

August 20, 2016 Contributed by Vivian Yau, Stephanie DeCiantis

Have you ever heard the term AAC before? It stands for Alternative and Augmentative Communication and it refers to any method of supporting someone's ability to communicate with others.

A child who has significant difficulty with his or her pronunciation skills or who may be non-verbal for other reasons may benefit from the support of an AAC system.

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Smile Speech Therapy YouTube Channel

Here’s a short welcome video on our new Smile Speech Therapy YouTube channel that I want to share with you. Click on the image below to view. Hope you enjoy learning a bit about our wonderful practice and seeing the speech clinic!

Tee-ball and Sequencing Activities

May 24, 2016

The sun is starting to come out these days in Toronto finally! I'm at the park watching my boys get ready for the upcoming tee-ball season. They run from first base to second base to third base and then to home and I keep on thinking about the sequencing activities I've been doing recently with some of the kids in speech and language therapy.

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