Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our Speech and Language services

Q: What is involved in a speech and language assessment for my child?

A speech and language assessment is conducted to accuately evaluate your child’s communication needs.  It usually takes about 1.5 hours of time and involves parent report, observation of your child’s communication and play skills, informal play-based activities, as well as more structured testing activities.  How structured the testing is will depend on your child’s age and ability to pay attention and co-operate (e.g., listening to the therapist and respond by pointing to pictures in a test booklet). 

A thorough assessment is required to determine treatment goals as well as any other additional referrals that may be needed (i.e., for other support/services, developmental assessment, etc.).

Q: What does a typical therapy session look like?

A typical therapy session with Smile Speech Therapy is an individual session with one of our experienced therapists focusing on speech and language goals as determined during the initial assessment. As your child makes progress, goals will be updated.  Therapists will incorporate activities which are motivating for your child as well as provide suggestions and activities for you to do in-home.  Parent education and caregiver involvment are vital to the success of your child’s speech and language therapy.  The parent or a designated caregiver are encouraged to participate during the session and must remain on the premises at all times.

The frequency and length of the therapy sessions will range depending on the specific needs of your child.  Generally, therapy sessions are weekly and last 1 hour in length—which includes parent education and discussion regarding follow-up activities. Therapy sessions may take place at our child-friendly clinic location (closest intersection: Bayview Avenue/Eglinton Avenue) or may be arranged in your home depending on where you live.

Q: Are speech and language services covered by OHIP?

No, private speech and language services are not covered by OHIP.  If your child is under the age of 5 years old, he/she may qualify for free services from the government-funded speech and language agency in your area (e.g., Early Abilities, York Region Speech and Language Services). If your child is school-aged, services may be available in the school by discussing with his/her teacher. In addition, many private insurance benefits cover a specific amount for speech and language services.  

Q: What are your rates?

Our rates for services are competitive and are well within the fee guidelines recommended by the Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (OSLA). 

Assessment: $135 to $140/hour
Therapy: $130 to $135/hour
Group Therapy: please call to discuss group therapy availability and rates
Rates are less for therapy provided by a Communicative Disorders Assistant who work under the supervision of a Speech-Language Pathologist.  

Q: Does my child need a referral from his/her doctor?

No, a doctor’s referral is not needed.  Referrals can be made directly by the child’s parent.  There may be recommendations for additional testing or services that would require a doctor’s referral (e.g., developmental assessment, hearing test, Ear-nose-throat doctor) which will be discussed with you.

Q: Do you do evening and weekend appointments?

Yes, weekend and early evening appointment may be scheduled depending on therapist availability.  

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