Keeping Speech Skills Sharp Over the Summer

May 9, Contributed by Admin

Summer is time for kids to have fun, recharge and enjoy the few months of hot weather Canada provides us. But more and more, studies have shown that summer is an opportunity-rich window for children to maintain and grow their knowledge and skills. One such study outlines the benefits of summer learning:

Rigorous studies of voluntary summer programs, mandatory summer programs, and programs that encourage students to read at home in the summer have all found positive effects on student achievement. combined evidence from these studies suggests that all of these types of summer learning programs can mitigate summer learning losses and even lead to achievement gains.

*Make Summer Count - Rand Education/The Wallace Foundation, 2011. 

With that in mind, Smile Speech Therapy is providing a new program aimed at giving kids a fun and effective way to pick up some new skills over the summer. It is called the Summer Speech Boost. 

Learning to say new sounds and practicing speech is hard work, but kids are always motivated by their peers and that’s what the program provides. It gives kids daily exposure to speech therapy, but in a more fun, group environment. While your child is engaged in games and fun activities, they are also learning from our experienced therapists. We are offering a FREE 30 minute eligibility screening for those interested in the program. Call to schedule your appointment. Space is limited. We look forward to hearing from you!

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