Learning to communicate in a Group Setting

November 6, 2017 Contributed by Admin

As your child’s speech and communications skills come along, it is important for them to learn how to put them to use in a social setting. The abilty to question, negotiate and clarify with other children are best learned while interacting with other children. We are running a group focusing on socio-communication skills and group skills, and we are adding a second block of sessions. There is now space for more children aged JK and Grade 2 to join!

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Set Goals, Meet Goals

Goals we will be working on include:
-Turn-taking, attending and participating longer in group activities
-Engaging and interacting with peers
-Having short back and forth conversations with peers

The group includes eight classes.  They start on Saturday Dec. 9th from 2:15-3:15pm at our Bayview/Eglinton clinic. 
8 classes—Saturdays 2:15 to 3:15pm
1)Sat. 12/9
2) Sat 12/16
3) Sat 1/13
4) Sat 1/20
5) Sat 1/27
6) Sat 2/3
7) Sat 2/10
8) Sat 2/17
Cost is $70 for each 1-hour class

Sessions will be run by Christina Boni—Communicative Disorders Assistant with ABA training who is working in schools.

Free Eligibility Screening

Book a FREE 1/2 hour screening with a Speech-Language Pathologist to see if your child is  eligibile for the group, and talk about goals for the sessions. 

Eligibility Requirements:
- Child may or may not have a specific diagnosis (e.g., ASD, language delay, etc.)
- Should be speaking in at least short sentences.
- Currently able to participate in adult-directed activities for short amounts of time with support.

Contact Us soon to schedule a screeing. Spaces are limited.   

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