Tee-ball and Sequencing Activities

May 24, 2016  

The sun is starting to come out these days in Toronto finally!  I'm at the park watching my boys get ready for the upcoming tee-ball season. They run from first base to second base to third base and then to home and I keep on thinking about the sequencing activities I've been doing recently with some of the kids in speech and language therapy.

I love doing sequencing activities with kids. Am I able to say that without sounding like a complete speech therapy nerd? By sequencing activities, I mean anything from a simple 2-step "first-then" (e.g., First we read a book, then we sing goodbye), to organizing and talking about the multiple steps of how to set up and play a bowling game (e.g., First, we set up the pins in a triangle. Second, we roll the bowling ball. Third, we knock down all the pins. Last, we say "Strike,"). For children that have difficulty organizing and attending to more complicated tasks, they really benefit from the task being broken down into simple, step-by-step components.

In addition to using clear, simple language to describe each step, I especially like each step to be paired with a visual. Here are some examples of visuals I made using for a rocket ship game and a super hero Mr. Potato Head activity.

I also like to use ready-made sequencing picture cards such as the ones from SuperDuper Publications.  In addition, here are some free worksheets I found online that you can print out to use with your child.

Sunflower growing 5-step sequence

Birthday cake 4-step sequence

A few 3-5 step sequence worksheets 

At your home, try to think of what tasks you normally do with your child that can be broken down into steps. What about a daily routine like getting the tub ready for a bath? First, let's put the plug in the tub. Second, fill the tub with water. Third, put the bath toys in the water. Last, we are ready to take a bath! Repeat the same sequence for the activity with your child every day in this simple, organized manner and pretty soon they will either be helping you follow the steps, filling in the words, or describing the whole sequence by themselves.

Here are some other ideas of activities that you and your child can do together and talk about in sequenced steps--Going on a slide at the park, making a sandwich for lunch, preparing for bedtime, getting ready to go outside.

Hope this post gets you thinking about how to score home runs with speech and language sequencing activities this week!

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