18-Months: An Exciting & Important Age For Toddlers

It’s no secret that kids grow up fast, but they grow up REALLY fast between the ages of one to two. That’s the time when a child transitions from infant to toddler, and it is a period of rapid physical and developmental growth.

18 months is usually the age when toddlers are recommended to see their doctor for an enhanced well-baby visit. It is an opportunity for parents to discuss their child’s development with their health care provider, and ask questions about their motor, behavioural and communication skills.

At a year and a half, a child has usually moved on from “goo goo gaga” to using actual words. At a typical developmental rate, an 18-month child is expected to have at least 20 words, be able to make four consonant sounds and point to three body parts when asked. Keep in mind that kids reach these milestones at their own pace, and there is no need to be overly worried if your child is not at that stage.

But if your child has not reached these milestones, and you want to make sure their speech and language development is on the right track, a Speech and Language Pathologist can help.

Here at Smile Speech, we will sit down with your toddler to assess his or her speech skills. All this is done in a fun, engaging and stress-free setting, in order to get the best gauge of your child’s communication development.

For parents who choose therapy, we have a qualified and diverse roster of professionals to fit your child’s personality and needs. They know all the tricks to bring the best out of your child. We will also work to accommodate your schedule to make the therapy process as convenient as possible.

18 months is an exciting time for both toddler and parents. It is an age where a child begins to engage with their parents in a more meaningful way, a rewarding payoff for all those sleepless nights and diaper changes.

Make the most of it by helping your child express him or herself.

Contact us to speak to a Speech and Language Pathologist about your questions or concerns.