What we do

We offer a range of services aimed at helping children and adults reach their communication potential.


A comprehensive evaluation of our client’s communication skills to determine their strengths and needs. The assessment is essential for deciding whether therapy is recommended and to set appropriate speech and language goals.


One-to-one therapy with a qualified Speech-Language Pathologist to target appropriate speech and language goals. We use motivating and enjoyable activities to optimize our clients’ progress. In addition, parent and caregiver involvement in the sessions as well as following up with at-home activities will maximize learning.



Education and training for parents and caregivers are important for a holistic approach to helping our clients improve his/her communication skills. Consultations may take place in the daycare, school, or with other service providers who are presently involved with our clients.

Who we see

If you are concerned with any of the following issues

Language Delay/Disorders

Your toddler is “late” to start talking...

Your child is not understanding or talking as well as other children his/her age...

Poor vocabulary or grammar or ability to express oneself...

Speech Sounds/Motor Speech Disorders

Speech is difficult for others to understand...

Trouble making specific mouth movements or sounds...

Socio-Communication Difficulties

Difficulties using language to interact or have conversations with others...

Does not use appropriate words in different social situations...


Stuttering as in repeating sounds, words, or getting “stuck” when talking...

Voice Disorders

Voice sounds hoarse or “odd” compared to others

Various Diagnosis

Specific diagnosis such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delay, Down Syndrome, Aphasia, Acquired Brain Injury, amongst others...